HOW taxi the price is determined

price calculator:

Taxi price is affected by day of week, time of day, the waiting time, distance traveled, the time elapsed and number of passengers.Here we will tell you a little more detail, the taxi rates are composed.
Basic fee
A taxi ride is a standard charge on weekdays at 6-20 and on Saturdays and the eve of the incipient transport at 6-16 5,90 €. Otherwise, the basic fee will not exceed EUR 9.00.

I rate 1-2 pers 1.57 EUR / km
II-3-4 people rate of 1.89 euros / km
III-rate 5-6 persons 2,05 EUR / km
IV-rate of more than 6 persons 2,21 € / km

Children under 12 years of age does not count personal account. Two children under the age of 12 is counted as one person.

Waiting fee € 45.90 / h may be charged if the car is waiting for a customer or moving unusually slowly, for example, traffic jam due to
Assistance allowances for € 15.70 (to be used when a customer needs assistance needs and equipment for the disabled car)
Stretchers pick-up and installation of an additional 29.20 € / paarikuljetus
Stair Drive More 31,40 € (assisting happens helpful by hand or using a stair)
Pre-order Payment € 7.10 (charged when transportation is ordered at least 30 minutes before the departure time stated by the customer)
Transportation of goods Additional € 2.80 (large objects such as bicycles, skis, pets, etc., does not apply to conventional baggage)
The prices include VAT 10%