The company's roots are in South Portimo in the village, where the driver Veikko Heikka was finishing operations. In 1992, Luiro Kalle Veikko took a taxi over.

In 2004, then a second license was obtained.

Reached by 2009, with the creation of Taxi Luiro Ltd, which both cars were transferred. In the same year set up a taxi Aavasaksa, who was at the time of the first license. In that year also set up a Aavasaksan taxi rank, which were related to the above-mentioned companies.

Then in 2012 the company established an additional AND-Taxi Ltd, which is directed in addition to the traditional taxi business in public transport.

These went by the year 2014, when it came to pass new again.

Taxi Jukka Rautio joined the position of strength of the two cars. The same year, the job description was added to the small delivery trucks, which manage municipal food runs.

In November of that year was purchased from a private property, where the station operates. In the same building is also rented apartments, so the position is the opportunity to also get a roof over their heads.